April 14th

Saturday, April 14th, 2018

While my first inclination today is to complain about the weather, my daily devotional kicked my backside regarding that a couple of days ago: “This is the day that I have made. Rejoice and be glad in it. […] Be careful not to complain about anything, even the weather, since I am the author of your circumstance.”

I read that and thought to myself “oops!”, so we’re reversing our way of thinking today and will be talking about the beauty of the sheet of white that is currently outside my window instead of condemning it.

One true blessing on the timing of this storm for the Whiskey Hotel is that Paul came home around lunchtime yesterday (right before the ice pellets started), and doesn’t have to go back to work until Monday morning. So with the weather comes a built in date weekend. Our plan? To pull out the couch, make yummy food, cuddle, love on our critters, and have a Harry Potter marathon.

An introvert’s dream.

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