March 18th

Sunday, March 18th, 2018

You know earlier this week when I said the wildlife is starting to move around?

I really had no idea just how much.

Owls earlier this week, yesterday with the swans, then this morning I looked out my window and this beauty was sitting in a tree IN MY BACKYARD.


As I just uploaded this, I just realized that one of this guy’s tail feathers is brown. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how common that is?

Hold on, I’m going to Google it…

Very cool! I knew that Bald Eagles didn’t get their white heads and tails until they are five years old, but I had never look deeply into molting stages by year other than that. This guy is more than likely four years old. Almost completely white, but still had dark spots near his beak above his eyes, and that last brown tail feather. Also, when looking at my featured photo, he still has small amounts of white mottling under the wings.

For those interested in seeing all stages of molting, click here.

I suppose this is why I the pair I’ve been seeing is finding a nesting site, and why their timing may be a bit off for nesting this year; and as to why I haven’t seen them in years previous. Bald Eagles aren’t sexually mature until they’re five years old, so perhaps they are playing house this year – looking for the best nesting site, learning the best places to hunt for food in the area.

This is so fascinating to me! I love learning opportunities like this!

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