March 13th

Tuesday, March 13th, 2018

Today has been a far better day than yesterday.

First, I wanted to follow up on how Burke’s doing – you all have been so thoughtful in reaching out this morning to check in on him. I treasure all of you!

Burke is back to his spunky, sassy self this morning – his hunger is insatiable, he’s steady on his feet, and he’s back to bossing the cats around. As I’m sitting at my desk, I turned around and took these just now:

Not pictured: Colt and Finn also snoozing in the sun. They’re just as happy to have him back as I am (…almost).

So again, thank you so much to those who reached out with love and prayers. Yesterday was, honestly, a really crappy day, and it meant so much to know that you all were thinking of us. Thank you!

So today, it’s like God wanted to make it up to me photographically. Either that, or all the critters are out and about, happy for the warmth and sunshine. It was really a day that it was so hard to pick one image, so you’re getting them all.

Let’s start with the one I did pick for the featured photo today.

Driving up the driveway to the farm today, there were two swans standing on the edge of the pond. So I stopped and photographed them for a few minutes until they flew away to join more that flew in overhead.


So that caused me to leave my camera in the car when I took Henna for a walk in the woods. I thought oh, great I’ve gotten my picture for today, and it’s mid-day, full sun. The owls won’t be out today (I’ve only ever seen them in the middle of the day on overcast days). I’ll just enjoy the walk, I told myself.

Wrong, wrong, all wrong.

How many times have I said: ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA. Enough times that I should know better.

Henna runs into the woods, and sure enough there she (the owl) is. She spooked from the tree she was in and flew into AN OPEN AREA. INTO DECENT LIGHT. No trees to obstruct my view, I’m actually on the right side for decent light. COURTNEY RAE WHERE IS YOUR CAMERA.

At the farm in my car.

I’m not a runner (especially in the deeper snow), but I RAN back to the farm (probably about 1/3 mile). Henna thought it was glorious, but I was fueled by frustration: It takes no extra time or energy to bring your camera. ALWAYS BRING THE CAMERA, COURTNEY. ALWAYS. I kicked my own butt all the way back.

I closed Henna in the barn, grabbed my camera, and jogged back out to the woods.

“Please, please, please God. I’ll give you all the glory, all the credit if you just keep that beautiful owl in that tree. I’ll shout your name from the rooftops. Please, please, please.”

I got back into position, and she was gone. The disappointment was crushing, but there was nothing I could do. I missed my chance. The annual glance at her came and went; I missed it.

So I stood there, sulking, for a few minutes. Lecturing myself.

Well, I thought, maybe she was just out of range anyway. Maybe I wouldn’t have gotten my shot anyways. So I raise my camera and snap a picture, just to appease myself that it wouldn’t have worked anyway. Here is that image:


Is anyone good at “I Spy”? She’s in this image. This is why I have so much love and respect for God’s creation. I stood there for minutes, and I was looking for her – I knew exactly where she had been and I still didn’t see her until the camera found her.

Hey, ya’ll – God is a pretty awesome guy. He makes beautiful things, and follows through on his promises. On top of the swans and the owl, he also sent these guys my way today:



The squirrel may not seem like a challenge, but trust me, wild squirrels that are self sufficient and don’t rely on humans for food are extremely shy. They aren’t like college campus Squirrels. And this guy is a Fox Squirrel, which aren’t overly common – the result of a Gray Squirrel and Red Squirrel that mate. He plants himself there in front of our trail cam all day everyday, but I’ve never seen him while out there myself. He made me smile!

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