March 9th

Friday, March 9th, 2018

A full day away from home always puts into perspective how blessed I am to have furbabies that are excited when I get home.

I really am fortunate that I can work from home, and there are few days when I’m gone all day, so when I am, they act as if it’s been days.

Happy, healthy, and eager for my companionship. You really can’t ask for more than that.

So when I was thinking of what I could do for an image today, I knew I wanted to do a self portrait. Burke was vying for my attention, so I thought we could try for a different portrait of the two of us.

But that’s when I realized, that it’s the way Burke looks at me that shows our relationship. His spunky little self loves to get my attention by coming up beside me, and sitting up. He’s so polite and freaking adorable that it works every single time.

So I thought, that’s the memory I wanted to preserve. That look from him that I know so well, but that others do not. That’s what makes it special.

I love you, little bun ❤️

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