March 4th

Sunday, March 4th, 2018

You want to know one of the perks of following my blog?

You get to see new products before I advertise them! In today’s instance, A Borrowed Likeness puzzles! I purposefully disguised the overall image by having this image be in black and white (because there has to be some surprise when I officially launch them!), but believe me, they’re pretty awesome!

They aren’t huge puzzles, 11×14” in size with 252 pieces, but the images are challenging ones. I sat down to complete them to assess the difficulty, and I was surprised – 45 minutes for me to complete the edge pieces.

I was originally thinking of advertising them as youth puzzles, but now I’m thinking they’ll be great individual puzzles, great for adults, perfect for one person.

In addition to puzzles, look for throw pillows in the future as well!

I can’t wait!

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