March 3rd

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018

This guy is a charmer.

A gentle, quiet, subtle charmer that has nestled himself deep into my affections. The teddy bear with the tough exterior who is learning what it means to trust and become real, true friends with people.

We’ve come a long way from the fiesty little bundle of nerves that barged out of our trailer over eight years ago, and I’m loving the personality that’s really starting to shine through. Sweet, sweet, sweet, dedicated, loyal, and smart. He craves connection, and I love that.

So today, when I pulled the boys out their stalls to trim up their bridle paths, I thought I’d pull out my tripod and take advantage of the opportunity for a self portrait. At first, the tripod was scary (cue the snorts, blows, and wide eyes), but he worked himself back from the ledge and decided that because it didn’t move, it was ok.

Now note that this location is not the most beautiful, without the best lighting, and not the perfect composition, but I was going for genuine feeling and emotion. Connection. Buck gave me exactly what I was looking for; when I clicked the shutter and he gave me a nuzzle, my heart almost stopped.

I hoped that my camera had caught it, as he doesn’t give them out very often. Sure enough, the moment was there. And look at this confident guy, one eye looking toward the camera, one at me.

This is exactly why I wanted to do some self portraits – it was only Buck and me in the barn when the shutter clicked. A true moment that only him and I experienced.

And now, it’s one I can remember with an image, and one I can share with you.

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