March 2nd

Friday, March 2nd, 2018

Oh, this sweet peanut.

Don’t let this coy little smile fool you though – she’s a spitfire. One with a huge heart, and a fierce independent confidence. A joyful helpmate who embraces her adventurous spirit.

And she’s only 15 months old, people.

This girl insists on helping mom clean up the floor after she’s done eating, happily shares her food, toys, and other precious items with you (and actually gets upset when you refuse), is an animal lover extraordinaire (a girl after my own heart), thinks my kisses are funny (she’d pucker her lips, I’d go in for a kiss, and she’d laugh at me – prankster!), and goes down the sledding hill backwards (with her hands in the air).

She also gives the best hugs. I know because I got six of them today!

Between her and her mama, my cup was filled to overflowing today. To have friends like them are priceless, and my life would not be as full of joy without them in it.

Just for fun, here are some other favorites I grabbed today. I love the sequence of three – a girl on a mission! And the last one with her chompers showing and that pointed finger…I’m basically a puddle at my desk right now.


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