February 9th

Friday, February 9th, 2018

As the sun sets tonight, I have a heart full of thankfulness.

Last night, Paul and I went out for a double date with Cody and Dana. We owed them a steak dinner, so we let them pick the place, they got a sitter, we dressed up, and had a TON of fun! We laughed so hard I know I was crying – multiple times.

And today, my friend Christine came out to the barn to look over Junior with me. He’s got some soreness somewhere, and she took time out of her afternoon to shoot theories with me and share her opinions. She happily stood there in the cold with me, while Junior insisted on continually nuzzling her face. When someone treats your animals like one of their own, they are a keeper 😉

Quality time with people that lift me up. I am surrounded by such beautiful people, and doubly blessed by their friendships.

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