February 7th

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018

Lots of thoughts rolling around in my head today.

Kind of like this image, not all are in focus (punny, ha!). Anyway, that’s not the point. Being a part of a generation who grew up on social media, I feel like we got a little stiffed. While I think most of us would agree that social media is mostly a good, fun thing, I find it to be a source of dissatisfaction some days.

Knowing everyone else’s views, who they voted for, what their job is, if they’re married, if they aren’t, how many kids they have, how successful they are or aren’t, their new cars, new boats, their super-great-ultra-fantastic life. Every situation in my life can be compared to someone else’s.

And I really dislike that.

For me, it’s not even always the feeling of falling behind, but the opposite. That Paul and I are super blessed, and I feel hesitant to share pictures of us taking a walk together with our puppy on a Wednesday, when most of the general population is working. The judgement that can sometimes come from not doing life the way society says we should.

That’s been a big hurdle for me, personally.

This morning was such a joyful one for us: beautiful weather, a happy pup, Paul and I spending quality time together, enjoying deep conversation while walking this gorgeous property. As refreshing as it is, it just feels wrong sometimes.

And maybe to you, you see nothing “wrong” about that, which if that’s the case, I love you for.

My family growing up was pretty traditional; my dad worked a Monday-Friday job, my mom mostly stayed at home. We had our evenings and weekends together. We could plan vacations, trips, outings. Well, with Paul and I, our schedule and relationship is anything but traditional. Paul works 80 hour weeks and gets paid for 30. He’s gone any day – holidays, weekends. His job never stops. If we want to go somewhere, it’s spur-of-the-moment, we improvise and make it up as we go because his schedule only comes out one month at a time. While adventurous on one hand, it’s stressful on the other. So our Wednesday morning strolls together are so precious to us. It feels like we should be doing more with our time, but we’ve learned that simple and present is what works for us at home.

For example, we bought a “51 Puppy Tricks” book, thinking it would be fun to do with Henna as the weather (hopefully!) gets warmer. Today we worked with Henna on eye contact. Our cue is to hold your finger in front of your nose/face, and say “Focus.” She is a soul-searcher, so that one was easy for her. And it’s fun for us to do together.

So we do life the way it works for us. Which I hope you do, too.

Our life goals aren’t lofty ones. We’re simple people. We just want delight and investment. Joy and contentment.

Sometimes, when I feel the push of outside influences to do more, I have to remind myself that busy isn’t right for everyone. That not everyone can be president, or cure cancer, or change the world. That I can be impactful at home. That what some may call a “mediocre” life can be one of the most rewarding.

God’s shaping our story, and I trust what he sees. I’m excited to see what He has planned.

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