February 4th

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

Hello from Cedar Rapids, Iowa!

Well, I made it here last night along with Paul and his crew. Paul’s First Officer was a woman, and she brought her husband along too, so it was fun to have such a big group.

Leaving Minneapolis, the flight I was on was Paul’s last flight of the day, so it was fun to know he was flying. We’ve only done that twice before, so although I get to fly standby fairly often, it’s not often I get to fly when my husband is the Captain. Actually, as I type this, this was the first time I’ve flown on board since he’s upgraded. So this is the first time I’ve flown in back with him as the PIC (Pilot in Command). The other two times, he was still an FO. Nifty!

As any star struck wife would do, I took a video of him doing the pre-departure announcements because HEY! That’s my husband!

He also did the takeoff and landing, so that was fun. For those of you keeping track at home – both were really smooth. 🙂

So anyway, we made it and it was worth the snowy drive down to the cities. It was nice to have a lazy day with no plans other than to watch the Puppy Bowl and Super Bowl.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? I thought this year’s were pretty good across the board. However, my top three were the Ram Viking’s Ad (yes, even though it was a bit mocking), the Tide Commercials, and Verizon’s First Responder Ad (I was crying, no shame).


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