January 31st

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

I think today’s image was taken earliest in the day so far.

I had heard about the Lunar Blood/Blue Moon eclipse, but zoned out and assumed it was happening in the evening. So off to bed I went last night not thinking about getting up early.

Well, at 6:38am my phone went off. I rolled over and saw my mom had texted me asking if I was watching the eclipse. In my head I thought “couldn’t this have waited until the sun is at least up?” But I texted back: “Is it happening tonight or right now?” She answered: “Right now!”

I was up out of bed so fast!

Tangent – Luckily, my camera and gear was already set up on my tripod from last night because an OWL WAS OUTSIDE MY HOUSE!


A Great Horned Owl, nonetheless!

Anyway, so outside I went to check out and photograph the moon. For only being conscious for a couple of minutes, I’m pretty happy with my shot.

I had never seen a lunar eclipse; it was beautiful!

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