January 30th

Tuesday, January 30th, 2018

One of my favorite parts of Sara Hagerty’s book Unseen is all of chapter 5.

Titled “Uncovered: Becoming Vulnerable,” Sara reflects on stepping down from a powerful ministry team to do a smaller, more humble job. At the time she wasn’t sure where her life was going, and it was a particularly vulnerable season of her life. She felt like she wasn’t accomplishing enough, being impactful enough, and that people thought less of her because of it.

However, in this season, it taught her that “We tend to be a people of quick glances,” and that “[…] hidden seasons invite us to slow down, to notice the beauty too often blurred by hurry.” Through our own earthly vulnerability, it pushes us to “Invite God there,” and to be “less accomplished, more present.”

Two of the most powerful lines in this book for me?

“When we approach God with an open, mindful, hungry heart, we position ourselves to not only see His beauty, but to let it change us.”


“His love notes are stashed everywhere.”

The second is so simple, but has really resonated with me, and stuck with me when I find myself hurrying. This morning was a great example of this.

Due to living in different states, and the lack of connection we’ve been feeling from the digital aspect of life, a good friend and I recently decided to become good, old fashioned pen pals. She also owns her own photography business, so not only are we fostering our friendship, but being business accountability partners. We bounce ideas off of one another, encourage each other, and talk life.

So this morning, I had a letter that I wanted to get in the mail today. Our postal service varies from day to day what time they actually stop at our mailbox, so if I have something I want mailed, I try and get it down to our mailbox as early as possible. Let it be known that our driveway is about 1/3 of a mile long, so this isn’t as simple as it sounds – especially when the temperature is in the single digits.

So anyway, I hopped in my car at 7:15 this morning to run it down there. In a hurry, fueled by the cold. Out of habit, I took my camera. I made it about halfway when I felt something watching me (this is not paranoia – I have a pretty good sense of when an animal is around). Sure enough, I looked up, and there was our resident Red Tailed Hawk taking advantage of being hidden in the low light. Silhouetted by the beautiful sunrise no less!

I featured either this one or it’s partner a couple weeks ago on the blog, and ever since then I’ve noticed them around. About 90% of the time I see them, they are in this tree on that branch.

At the time, only one was perched, but about an hour later I looked out my office window and they were both there.

Love notes. Today it was stashed on the branch of a dormant tree, painted by God’s promise of another day.

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