January 19th

Friday, January 19th, 2018

The heat wave continues!

The warm weather is slowly melting the snow, making it wet and heavy. In other words? The perfect snowball-making snow.

Henna could have chased them all day (see how she’s incredibly focused on watching Paul make the snowball?). She didn’t catch them, just chased them; her depth of field is still developing, so she’d run to meet the snow as it hit the ground, but didn’t try intercept mid-air.

Henna also had friends visit today!

Kya and Tim came over for supper and brought their dogs, Kida and Bailey. We walked from our house back to the farm, and when Henna saw them she barked! She rarely barks, so that in its own was big for her.

Henna was pretty terrified of them at first, definitely the submissive, but by the end of the visit she was attempting to play with them.

I’m sure she will sleep well tonight!

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