January 18th

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

It was FORTY DEGREES today!

So you know what that means? We fired up the grill!

Our day started at the Maple Grove Hospital for an ENT appointment for Paul. He feels alright, but his ears are still blocked so we decided to see a specialist. After what felt like a hundred questions and a CT scan, we find out that Paul’s sinus passages aren’t big enough to accommodate what his body needs. A small cold jams up the system and makes a huge mess.

The doctor gave us some options that we’ll talk through, but it felt good to know that there was more to it than just allergies, which is what every other doctor told us.

Then we came home and took the horses out for a short ride which was MARVELOUS. The horses loved it, we loved it. Riding in only a sweatshirt with no gloves was heavenly.

But supper was the real reason to celebrate. I love grilling food, so I always miss it over the winter.

Teriyaki chicken tacos with pineapple pear salsa was on the menu for tonight. When Paul pulled the veggies for our salsa off of the grill they were steaming. Naturally, he ran into the house to nab me for a picture opportunity 😉

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