January 8th

Monday, January 8th, 2018

I love this little peanut.

I don’t say that lightly. She is all that is sugar and sunshine, and is so precious. She loves to laugh (and to make you laugh!), she’s polite (“please!” is her new favorite word), and loves to share.

And she’s only one year old!

I watched her help her mama clean the floor after lunch, all on her own. She insisted on sharing her popsicle with me even though she was the one teething and sore. I got a huge goofy grin when I walked in today, she blew me a kiss as she left for her afternoon nap, and I got a big hug when I left (cue heart squeeze!!).

Smitten would be the word I’d use. Definitely smitten.

The big adventure today was sledding, as the temperature finally got above freezing. Brooklyn got this cute little sled for her birthday, and it’s the perfect fit. She LOVES it!

Her face is serious, but don’t let that fool you. She’d get down to the bottom and she’d already be saying “Please! Please!” so down she’d go again. The sled would slowly spin around and she’d be going backwards – no fear. She loved it! We started saying “Woo hoo!” and she started putting her hands in the air on her way down.


In this picture I asked her to wave at me and she did her best under her snow suit 🙂

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