December 21st

Thursday, December 21st, 2017

It is the season of gratefulness, and I’m loving it.

I’ve always loved horses; it’s like they’ve been infused into my DNA. Many little girls love horses, I get that, but I was lucky enough to have brave parents who not only entertained my love for them, who didn’t just say “we’ll board one for you,” but who embraced my love as theirs. They built a barn, put up fencing, went to first time horse owners classes, asked for help from other horse owners, and eventually brought two horses home. Two grew to four, and at one point, four grew to six.

We kept almost all of those horses until old age took them, and as you all know, we’re now we’re back down to only two.

Two goons that have a way of reminding me that joyfully is simply the best way to live.

You want a pick-me-up? Come down to the barn – Junior would love to give you a kiss…or playfully steal your hat…or just snuggle (he is a really good snuggler!).


Buck would love to stand for a good grooming session and big hugs…or he’d happily do some liberty to show you how smart he is. But really, I opened the gate today from the indoor and he walked right through the barn to his stall. First time since last winter and he got it the first time.

Their love is so unconditional; just like any dog, they greet me each time I come down to the barn, and they haven’t held it against me that the puppy has taken up time that used to be theirs.

They just loved the fact that for a half an hour, I did nothing but stand quietly with them. With no agenda but to love on them and simply spend time. To be ok with “productive” meaning kissing soft noses and burying my nose in long winter coats while breathing deep.

Today, I was thankful for not only the present moments I spent today, but for the journey that got me here.

For passion and for brave parents. ❤️

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