December 13th

Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

Oh sweet Henna Bean.

Want to talk about joy? Hang out with a puppy.

It was windy and cold today, but that didn’t stop her from bounding through small snow drifts, digging, and playing. All with abundant joy.

Paul and I went back to the farm yesterday for the first time since we’d gotten home from Vegas, and this sweet face heard us pull up, heard our voices, and met us in the outside portion of her kennel.

Since she’d never put two and two together before that she could listen and meet us, my first thought was “She’s starting to understand the sounds of the farm and respond to them!” And my second was “She’s all knees and elbows!”

Gone for five days and she no longer looks like a puppy. She’s definitely taller, has better coordination, is much more nimble, and her face is starting to elongate and grow from puppy to adolescent. And her nipping has decreased significantly! Which is such a welcome change.

And she now comes out to greet us when we pull up – which gets my heart to melting every time.

Today we took a walk out to the woods to change out the memory card in our trail cam, and she had a blast in the snow. New smells, tracks to follow, corn cobs to dig up and carry.


Oh my heart, I love your joy!

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