November 19th

Sunday, November 19th, 2017

Today was joyous!

While you can never replace one, you can make new memories. Name still tbd (as Dad says, the perfect puppy needs the perfect name), but she came home this morning and has stolen all of our hearts with her abundant love and joy, her wit, her love of toys, and most of all, her snores.

Plus, she cooperated for pictures, so she’s a winner in my book. 😉

We kept it under wraps that we were looking for a puppy. Losing Bandit was still so fresh, and we weren’t sure just how dedicated we were to commiting to a new addition, so we weren’t advertising  that we were looking.

Our family has always (ALWAYS) had Red Heelers. Blues are fairly common, but purebred reds are difficult to find.

There were breeders in Wyoming, Georgia, Montana, but local? Nope.

A couple of random “oops” litters on Craigslist, but many were mixes.

We found one last weekend that we went to see who wasn’t old enough to leave mom yet, and while we did put down a deposit, we came home feeling lukewarm about him. Dad contacted a couple other people, but nothing came about from it.

Then this morning, dad wakes us up with a text “Going to pick up a new puppy at 8:15, you coming?” New puppy meaning one we hadn’t looked at yet? Yep. This one was a little girl.

So off to Wisconsin we went and two hours later we pull up and the guy met us with her. She wriggled and crept into our arms, snuggled up close and it really was love at first sight. So home we came.

It was a full day (play hard, nap harder seems to be her motto), and we all couldn’t stop smiling. The cats felt differently, but by the end of the day they started to come around.

As I type this, I’m getting ready for bed at home alone because my husband is sleeping in the barn with her tonight. He packed an overnight bag and hit the road.

I told her she was lucky she was cute.

So here’s to loving and cherishing old memories and old friends, but also to new ones, who open our hearts to new adventures and new memories. Both are what make us grow.



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