November 17th

Friday, November 17th, 2017

Genesis 3:19

19 “By the sweat of your face
You will eat bread,
Till you return to the ground,
Because from it you were taken;
For you are dust,
And to dust you shall return.”

Bandit came home this week.

We’ve never had an animal cremated before, but for this special girl it seemed right.

They put her in the most beautiful mahogany box, and although it hurt to look at this beautiful box, I knew I had to photograph it.

I set her on an old table near the window so I could utilize the soft window light, but as I looked through my viewfinder, I could see the light was on over our dining room table. I almost turned it off, but I decided I liked the added light. After I clicked my shutter and looked at the back of my camera, my breath caught. The way it came through my camera looked heavenly.

That brought me one step closer to peace. Those small reminders are the most precious.

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