October 15th

Sunday, October 15th, 2017

When good friends hurt, you hurt with them.

Sometimes, I think that’s the hardest duty of being a friend. I’m not a word smith by any means, so to find the right words or to know when to say none at all is my biggest hurdle. So you try to be present in a time of abrupt change and hurt, all the while feeling at a loss for how to help, but hoping that being yourself is enough. To understand the “should have, would have, could have,” but knowing that they won’t change anything. When you wish you could take the hurt away, knowing you can’t.

I’m sure this is what having kids is like, but with me not having any, I see it in the reflection of friends.

Sometimes, when a day is full of emotional turmoil, the sunset is what you need to begin to feel at peace. I’ve found that this project brings me just that – peace. It always brings me back to center; a reminder that God is in control. I explore His creation each day. I see the light He’s created, the animals, the grass, the trees. I watch things grow under His hand, watch the seasons change.

He is in control. His plan is for good.

The sunset today was my reminder.

The one minute of bright, red, vibrant light that crept out from under the cloud cover before it was hidden by the Earth.

A vibrant example that He sees us in all circumstances, in all of the hidden places.

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