October 14th

Saturday, October 14th, 2017

Today cemented the fact that fall is indeed my favorite season.

I mean, look at that color! It doesn’t even feel real. And for the record, this involved no color manipulation, this is the real deal.

I’ve been breaking my own rule lately, and have been posting more than one image per post, so why stop now, right?


When Paul and I went out back to our woods for a walk, the woods looked beautiful from the outside (top image), but we had no idea just how beautiful until we were right in it. Yellow everywhere. The Maples were abundant, and they were at peak.

I felt like we were walking through imaginary land.

Due to the amount of abundant rain we received in August, the Minnesota DNR predicted a very long and vibrant fall in terms of color this fall; I’d say that is 100% accurate.

What an incredible gift of beauty from our Creator. He could have easily made trees to turn from green to brown; to have no show of color and spectacle. I experienced a true feeling of thanksgiving as we walked and was immersed in vibrant color.

Then we came across my favorite tree. It succumbed to the vicious storm that came through last July, and I was so sad to discover that it had come down. One of the oldest trees in our woods, it felt like a legacy had fallen. Throughout this summer surrounded in green it had seemed so defeated and sad. We’ve gone back and forth about bringing it down completely, but couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

Then as we walked through today, amidst the color, it stood out and was magnificent.

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