September 24th

Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Zion day!

What a change it is to have to ride a shuttle with the masses. While I loved the park, the shuttle really took the intimacy out of it. Have you been to Zion? What did you think?

We rode the shuttle all the way to the end of the road to the Riverwalk hike. It was a beautiful trail along the Virgin River that brought you to the beginning of the Narrows hike. This image was actually taken mid-day in the shade of some trees. The sunset colors came from the reflection off of the red canyon walls and green trees.

Another one of our favorite hikes was to Weeping Rock.


It was a steep hike at first up to the rock face, but it was so worth it. This lovely drizzle of water quite literally weeped out of the rock, making it feel quite magical. To look through it out into the canyon was phenomenal.


On our way back, we saw a herd of buffalo and pulled over. Paul has been shooting video while I’ve been photographing, so I had to snap some of him in action.


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