September 22nd

Friday, September 22nd, 2017

Oh, you guys. This day was a long one.

First, my lens never came yesterday (UPS lost it, no joke). Second, Paul’s phone was hacked and he was locked out. Third, evidently it’s the “I Heart Music” Awards in Vegas, meaning flights were oversold all day.

All was not lost, however. Paul finally did get back into his phone after and hour and a half on the phone with Apple, and we flew into LA instead and drove the extra 5 hours to Vegas. The bonus in all of this was that we were late to pick up our rental car at McCarren, and when we arrived they didn’t have any SUV’s left. After some deliberation, they upgraded us to a Ford F150 for no extra charge (Paul was PUMPED).

We started the day at 3am (Central Time), and finally arrived at our AirBNB at 11:30pm (Mountain Time).

But remember how I said before that night photography was the one thing I wanted to try while on vacation? Well, look at that gorgeous view!

This was taken right outside of the front door of our AirBNB – this long day, all of the extra driving…It was 100% worth it. So incredibly beautiful.

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