September 13th

Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Two portraits in a row!

While taking a drive around the corn tonight, I couldn’t help but smile. This man. What can I say about him? My protector, my encourager, my strength in my weakness.

I just read this wonderful article about wanting a mediocre life. To be at peace with who I am, to not have to strive for greatness with every breath. To give myself some grace and enjoy the little things. To realize that I don’t have to make 100k to be worth something. That being a wife, sister, daughter, and hopefully someday a mother, can be enough. I don’t have to change history, but I have to be happy.

This man is such a large piece of that. He teaches me daily to slow down, that we aren’t running a race. He makes me laugh when I’m taking life too seriously, and his boundless love reminds me that I am enough. He is such a reflection of Christ’s love, and I am thankful for him and our mediocre life everyday.

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