September 10th

Sunday, September 10th, 2017

I’m hooked.

My LensBaby is my “new” favorite toy. It’s been sitting in my camera bag for months and hasn’t seen much use, and now I haven’t it taken off my camera since yesterday.

The focusing is much less fickle with the full frame – I’m not sure the science behind that, but I’m loving it!

The hard thing with this lens is when it’s appropriate to use. If you shoot regular subjects with it, it almost feels like a punch in the face. It’s a very active frame, and isn’t always pleasant to look at.

With the way I shoot, I’ve found that I really love shooting moving subjects with this lens (so for instance, these blowing grasses). Which amps up the difficulty in focusing, but I love the effects. It gives it a feel of a long exposure but with a sharp focal point.

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