August 15th

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

Today cemented the fact that morning light is growing on me.

It helps that the fog has been GORGEOUS the past couple weeks. I’ve been told it’s actually not all fog, but partially due to smoke from the wildfires in Canada. Whether it’s one or the other or both, it’s incredibly dreamy.

I’m an atmospheric shooter though – I love what the fog does to light. It eats up the light technically, but makes everything so soft and magical in the execution of the shot.

So why was I up early this morning? Good question! A good, good friend of mine, who is also a photographer, is in town photographing handbags and purses for a Sioux Falls boutique. These gorgeous handmade leather bags paired perfectly with the horses and dreamy fog this morning. It was a fun shoot to be a part of! Want to learn more about the bags? Check them out here!

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