July 31st

Monday, July 31st, 2017

Remember the turkey shenanigans this spring?

Well, for the past two weeks it’s been a repeat story except for with a hen pheasant and her chicks. Almost every day driving to the barn, there they are dashing into the tall grass off of the driveway as soon as my vehicle rounds the bend.

Pheasants aren’t overly large birds, so their chicks are as equally small – making them VERY cute, and very hard to see. In fact, this summer was the first time I had ever seen chicks. I had known they were around but had never laid eyes on them.

So today driving up to the farm, there she was out in the hay field. Her chicks were still hidden but the hay hasn’t grown enough after last cutting to hide her completely.

This was a super fun catch for me! Not only are pheasants petite, but they are FAST. Even if you get a peek at one, especially hens, before you can blink they’re under cover. Very slow, quiet movements made her feel “safe” enough to hang out for a few frames. Too fun!


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