July 22nd

Saturday, July 22nd, 2017

I have a fairly large family on my dad’s side.

My dad has four brothers, which made for lots of cousins growing up. To top it off, all of the cousins were born at about the same intervals, so sections of us are all the same age (my cousin Clayton and I were born three days apart). It made for a great community growing up, and it often felt that we were siblings instead of cousins.

Each summer we’d all go camping together for two weeks at a campground my dad and uncles went camping at as kids. Campers’ Paradise, a campground on an island on Lake Belltaine in Nevis, MN is really heaven on earth. Large, private campsites, beautiful sandy beaches, great fishing. We loved it. Our parents loved it because the kids could hop on their bikes and ride the island and not worry about us getting hurt. It was like a large family. I looked forward to it every summer as it was lots of quality time with my cousins.

About five years ago, my parents bought a lake cabin. Once we had that, we stopped going camping. So instead we try and have a lake day with everyone at the cabin. Today was that day. What made it even more special? My grandma was there! My dads mom lives in Florida full time now that my grandpa is in a memory care facility there, so for her to make the trip here to spend it with us was so special.

Family is so so special, and I’m so blessed to have a great one.


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