July 6th

Thursday, July 6th, 2017

Tonight was just like a puzzle. The pieces just fell into place.

I had just finished photographing my hydrangeas for my photo of the day, and was just about to post it when something caught my eye outside my window.

I scrambled out of my chair when I realized it was our resident doe munching (she is ALWAYS eating!) on the field corn adjacent to our yard.


Then my heart did BIG somersaults when a second little head popped up:


We knew with how she was hanging around that she had to have a fawn around. It was so fun to actually see it!

The it got BETTER. They started walking with purpose towards our front yard, and I took a risk: I snuck out the front door hoping I could hide and take pictures. So out I went (in my bright purple robe 😜) and hunkered down. And around they came. Each of them came into the front field and stood at attention; I think they could smell me.


It was hard to believe how big the fawn was already! A few months old and almost as big as mom!

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