July 5th

Wednesday, July 5th, 2017

100 degree heat index means you either stay inside, or you run through the sprinklers.

I did both today.

With the holiday weekend, I got a bit behind with work (thanks for your patience with this blog!), so most of my day was spent inside at my desk downloading, editing, and placing orders.

But a girl’s got to play a little, right?

So after six hours in the office, I went down to the barn. The poor boys were soaked with sweat, and were miserably standing in front of their fans. Now, they don’t often get baths because our barn water comes straight from our well, and is usually cold water. It’s hard for me to ask them to stand under cold water unless the air temperature is stifling.

So out came the hose! I was going to take as much advantage of the heat as I could!

They LOVED it! I use a garden hose attachment when I bathe them, and it’s gentle enough for them to stick their faces into. Buck was literally drinking out of the hose, and Junior loved wiggling his top lip over the spray causing it to splash all over his face (anyway he can make a mess is pure joy for him).

Its always satisfying to make them more comfortable – after a good soaking and shampoo, they each napped at the hitching post while I cleaned up the hose.


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