June 30th

Friday, June 30th, 2017

These past couple of weeks have been an incredible reminder of how great of friends Paul and I have.

This afternoon, Kya and I road tripped out to visit a childhood friend and to look at a horse for her to potentially purchase. First, the fact that Kya is in the market for a horse is so exciting! I can’t wait for her to get back into it. Second, road tripping with my longest and best friend to visit an old friend means my childhood-horse-life has come full circle. What a fun afternoon it was to catch up on life, reminisce on past horses and adventures. Childhood friendships, especially in the horse community, truly never fade. Trail rides, horse shows, sleepovers, camping. So so many laughs and memories woven together through horses.

Afterwards, we met up with the boys for dinner and a bonfire. The boys grilled up a little bit of everything for us (today’s image), and we simply hung out and enjoyed our friendship.

Talk about going to bed with a full heart ❤️

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