June 29th

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Oh, moments like this are why I love to photograph wildlife.

This sweet lady has been around over the past week, never too concerned about us, always eating. To my frustration, she’s always stayed just out of camera range at a safe distance; despite that, she’s been so fun to watch and enjoy.

Then, Paul and I were driving up our driveway coming home from running errands, and there she was. Luckily, even though we were just going to the post office, I still brought my camera. Paul stopped the truck, and we sat there with her for a few minutes while I rolled down my window and photographed her. I actually had to talk to her to get her to look at me, she was so unconcerned with us.

She eventually decided she was ready to move on, so she strolled away through the corn. No panic, no rushing. Such a fun moment!


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