June 23rd

Friday, June 23rd, 2017

Paul passed his Captains check ride!

To celebrate, I thought I would plan a date night for when he got home. Now, to be clear, I am normally a very boring date planner. For being an artist, I’m not normally very creative in that regard. Paul, however, is an excellent date planner. So, I had to come up with something relaxing, quick, and meaningful.

So naturally,  camping in the backyard came to mind.

Maybe that’s not a date that sounds overly thrilling to you, but once I thought of it I was jazzed. Paul and I LOVE to camp, but we rarely can get our act together enough to plan a trip. But to do it in the backyard is so easy – pitch the tent, carry out blankets, start the fire, still have a normal bathroom, and keep our food in the fridge instead of a cooler. So much less planning and much more streamlined, especially for one night.

Paul loved it! He came home, I gave him comfy clothes to change into, and we went out back. He had no idea that’s what I had planned, which I can rarely pull off.


And to to put it all off, we had a GORGEOUS sunset. The sky was full of pinks and oranges. The perfect finish to a perfect date!


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