June 21st

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

Happy sweet summertime!

A lot of people in the world love dogs. But this dog is the ruler of my heart. If she were a person, she’d be my best friend. Loyal, patient, steadfast, gentle, devoted, protective. Each day she finds new ways to weasel deeper into my heart.

Today for example: Our kittens are currently being housed in an empty stall in our barn until they’re acclimated and a little bigger. We’ve all been in the stall with the kittens all week, and she’s had to sit outside the door and listen to everyone coo and fuss over them – not knowing what is going on in there that’s got everyone’s attention. So what does she do? She lays patiently at the door.

So today, we cracked the door and let her peek in on them and see them. At first, she excitedly sniffed in their direction, but when the kittens arched their backs and hissed, Bandit’s expression changed and she backed off and quietly laid down. After that, the way she laid in front of the door was a stance of protection. These little guys are helpless, and scared, so she’s there to watch out for them.

I know this may seem silly, but it was all in her eyes. She’s fircely protective and loyal to her “pack”. If her humans think the kittens are special, that’s all the reason she needs to accept them.

So we took a walk together today for some “her” time, when I looked down and saw our shadows. I love this dog.


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