June 16th

Friday, June 16th, 2017

Sweet Brooklyn Sue is six months old today!

Our good friends, Cody and Dana, are in town for the weekend for Brooklyn’s baptism on Sunday. We haven’t seen them since Brooklyn was born, so since she turns six months old today, that marks six months since we’ve seen them.

Since I myself am not a mother, I have no reference for time on how fast babies really do grow and develop. It’s truly amazing! Barely able to keep her eyes open the last time I saw her, she was sitting up on her own and able to roll over and army crawl today.

Brooklyn also loves to smile and giggle. She loves being in on all of the action and especially loved swimming in the pool with everyone.

But for this image, it was just the three of us hanging out together in the living room and it was a lovely quiet moment. Brooklyn loved the camera! The clicking of my shutter was pretty interesting for her.

She also loves her mama – the image taken next is a great reflection of that:


Friends that become family are truly the greatest treasures.


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