June 10th

Saturday, June 10th, 2017

To see a coyote in the daylight is unusual.

When you do it’s usually sick, mangey, or is a female with pups. This lady falls into the last category.

We had our suspicions a couple of weeks ago when we were seeing her multiple times a day (including during the day), multiple days in a row on our trail camera. It was easy to see from the pictures on our trail cam that she was healthy – she had all of her hair and was in excellent condition, but we never saw any pups.

Well, about a week ago while cutting hay Paul and dad saw her running from our pasture with a gosling in her mouth and when she stopped she had a couple of pups at her feet.

Our farm isn’t fond of coyotes because they’ll hunt our cats, come into our pasture and bother the horses, and usually when they come close to the house that means they’re sick. Say no to rabies kids.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t appreciate pretty evening light and a healthy critter. 😉

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