June 8th

Thursday, June 8th, 2017

We wrapped up on set this morning, so I got the evening with Paul all to myself.

Our house is surrounded by farm fields. Our pumpkin patch runs down the west side of our property, while corn surrounds us the rest of the way around. We’re excited when they plant corn, because it makes for an excellent natural privacy fence as it grows. Either way, I love this stage of crop growth – when it’s fully emerged, but you can still see the individual rows. It’s almost like waves on the ocean for me; calming, it moves your eyes through the rows and in a way it gently rocks you. There is so much simple beauty and humility in farming that just speaks to the very basic core of who I am. You plant seeds and pray that the Lord sends the weather you need; it keeps you very dependent on Him. Which is a frustrating but awesome aspect of our pumpkin patch.

So the next time you get stuck behind a tractor on the roads, take a moment to thank them for not only supplying our community with food, but with a helping of beauty and humility as well.


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