May 31st

Wednesday, May 31st, 2017

Year three has come and gone!

We laughed today, as the weather today was about the complete opposite of our wedding day three years ago. When I said I wanted a May wedding, I was told that May was a fickle month; well, stormy skies and four inches of rain that day was traded for a completely clear sky today. Whoever told me that was 100% accurate!

Weather aside, I had been thinking all week about what image I wanted to do today. I knew I wanted it to be a picture of Paul and me, but don’t have a manual shutter release. And trying to focus  the camera and then setting a delayed shutter to run in front of it wasn’t appealing. It actually sounded more frustrating than anything.

So then I got to thinking about silhouettes. Shelley does them all the time for clients, and we have a big hill in our backyard so that part was easy. The more I thought about it, I realized that it would also be so much easier to focus. I at least wanted to try. Paul was up for indulging me (have I told you how much I love him?), so we grabbed the tripod and gave it a whirl.

The running back and forth (and up and down hills) to the camera still happened, but it was worth it!

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