May 25th

Thursday, May 25th, 2017

We endure Minnesota winters for views like this.

The weather forecast for today looked beautiful, so this morning, Paul and I loaded the horses and went over to Crow Hassan Park for a ride. It was – dare I say it – perfect. No bugs, light breeze, partly cloudy, 70 degree goodness. And for it being the front end of Memorial Day Weekend, the park was surprisingly quiet; only three other trailers.

Paul and I worked a lot on Buck and Junior’s “Buddy sourness” over the winter along with confidence building. We found with these two, those go hand-in-hand. We started with one horse in the arena and the other tied right outside the fence, then we tied in the barn (but still within sight), and then we finally got to the point where we could take one out and leave the other in their stall. You can slowly see it working, but it doesn’t really sink in until you’re out on location and they don’t have to walk right next to each other anymore. See how far back I am? Had we let them, this would’ve been the pace they set for the whole ride. So refreshing!

Also, check out Paul! He was totally comfortable leading the ride and he rode like a seasoned pro. He’s worked hard on his skills, and worked a lot with Junior over this past year. His hard work and good habits with him has tuned Junior into a great mount, and is making them into an unstoppable pair. I am so proud of him!

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