May 17th

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

The first severe weather of the season came through today.

If you know me or follow this blog, you know that I love clouds, particularly storm clouds. We have had rain all week, and I’ve been waiting for those gorgeous clouds, but hadn’t seen any. Just gloomy overcast. So, of course, the one time I didn’t have my camera the clouds were magnificent. Luckily I had my phone, but it was still frustrating. Oh well!

In other unrelated exciting news, I dropped off work at the Maple Grove Art Center this afternoon! I currently have six large pieces hanging; four metal prints in the front entrance, and two canvas spinners in the main workspace. I also have a few desk calendars for sale, along with about 15-20 greeting cards. Beginning at the end of May, I will also be participating in their “Business of Art” program. This program connects local artists with local businesses to provide art for their spaces. At this point, I am unsure where my work will hang, but as soon as I know I will let you all know.

To say I’m excited may be an understatement. 🙂

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