May 15th

Monday, May 15th, 2017

Everyone, meet Desi! The newest member of our family!

…. just kidding! (Mom, Janis, did I get ya? 😉) Although she is quite the cutie, she is not ours. Our friends Jake and Lauren got her a few months ago, and each time we go over to visit, it’s amazing how much more and more of her personality shines through.

The first time we met Desi, she was very quiet in demeanor. At two years old, her adjustment into a new home was a little different than with a puppy. An obvious sweetheart, she was just a little shy and didn’t move around a lot; she was very snuggly with Lauren and Jake and always had to be within sight lines of them. Today, while we enjoyed a bonfire at small group, she raced around the yard, wanted to play with everyone, and was really loving life and loving her humans. (Can’t you tell? Look at that smile!) We all agree the three of them are a great fit.

You just can’t help but smile at a happy dog!


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