May 13th

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

Today was the best day.

Forecasted to be over 80 degrees today, I woke up to bright sunshine and 65 degrees at 7am. Ah-mazing. So I gathered up my computer and work materials and worked on the front porch with my coffee. This is why we endure Minnesota winters – for mornings like that!

After I got some work done, I drove back to the farm to switch out our trail cam memory card. We still have a pregnant doe that comes by every evening, so I’ve been continually checking the camera hoping to see little ones. None yet!

However, as I turned around from changing out the card, I saw a flash of wings in the trees above me. Thrilled, I adjusted my settings  and started slowly walking around, searching the trees. Bandit was with me, and quiet she is definitely not, so I was hoping I’d see our owl before Bandit scared her off with her racket.

Over the past two weeks our trees have flourished, so searching for a backlit camouflaged bird among all of the greenery was nearly impossible. But then I saw her. I actually gave myself a pep talk to regulate my breathing (she literally leaves me feeling awestruck, It love seeing her) and lifted my camera. She peeked at me, and it was one of the neatest things. Hide and seek with our resident owl – how does a day get better than that?


When Bandit and I made it back to the barn we brought the horses out. The bugs have finally come out, so we tried on their new fly masks. Buck loved his, Junior rolled and rolled and rolled until he finally worked it off his face. Since they’ve almost lost all of their winter hair, I had fun following them around and photographing them. Junior can sometimes look graceful and like he’s got his act together:


They were fun to watch. They love the warm weather too! These two are best buds, and I love how well they get along.

We finished up by riding bareback, and it was lovely. I forgot just how much I love riding without a saddle. You can feel the horses movement so much more and you feel more like a unit. Cues are more subtle, everyone is more relaxed. It was wonderful.

This evening I went to spend the night with Kya for a girls night, and that was WONDERFUL. There is nothing like a friend who has known you almost your entire life.

Best day, friends.


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