May 2nd

Tuesday, May 2nd, 2017

You know what I’ve liked most about this project so far?

It’s provided me the quiet time to observe and enjoy. I’ve begun noticing the little things, the details. Some days because of that, the stories are better than the images. Today was a great example of that.

Paul and I drove out to my parents cabin this morning to mow for them, and the first thing we did was walk around to look at the lake. (Fire and water, two things humans can stare at forever, right?) Anyway, I noticed this little duck huddled up in the sun on the rocks. Excitedly, Paul said that she was a Wood Duck; while I was hoping for a male, I’ve been wanting to photograph one for a while!

So I ran back to the car and grabbed my camera. I sat down at the shore and photographed her and watched her. Basically just enjoyed the lake sounds (the loons!) and the sunshine. Taking a quiet moment to sit with this duck.

As I studied her, I noticed her right eye didn’t look quite right. Her markings weren’t bright, and she never really focused in on me, even though I was only twenty feet away. There was no expression. I was at a distance that should’ve made her a bit uncomfortable, but yet, she didn’t move. Concerned she was sick, I clucked at her, hoping to get her attention. This was her response:


By craning her head around, she confirmed for me that she couldn’t see out of her right eye! What an incredible discovery! That may sound silly, but had I taken my picture and walked away, instead of spending quiet time with her waiting for a different shot, I would’ve never noticed. A little window into the life of this one individual duck; a duck different than all the rest.

We don’t often think about animals having handicaps, but she was a great example that each soul (animal or human) has a story. What a gentle reminder that God is the creator of all things, that even (especially) in animals, His beauty is reflected.

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