April 30th

Sunday, April 30th, 2017

My heart is so so full.

A Night To Remember, a prom our church put on for students with special needs, was tonight. Hundreds of volunteers have been working for months to pull it off, and all they asked of us and the community was to show up for grand march and cheer on the kids as they arrived.

After working for ROAW and knowing how amazing of an event this is and how much it means to the families, I couldn’t wait to go. So Paul and I got there fifteen minutes early and there was no more room inside the building! The overflow had lined the outdoor awning all the way out to the parking lot! This was the best picture I could get because of all of the people! Emergency response vehicles lined the driveway, lights blazing, people were holding signs, th DJ was rocking.

Then the kids started arriving, and to see their excitement was so so amazing. Each guest of honor was paired with a “host” (a volunteer high school student who stayed with each guest all night), and they were dressed up as well. I assumed most had attended the high school’s prom last night.

I’m not ashamed to say that I fought back tears the entire time.

When our pastor approached us during the grand march, I asked “is it too early to sign up to volunteer for next year??” So so amazing. This community, this church, has an amazing heart.


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