April 25th

Tuesday, April 25th, 2017

The light this morning was so so lovely.

Some days I struggle to create decent images, and then some days it’s a struggle to choose which I should use. Today was a process of elimination because of the light. And I can tell it’s going to rain as the animals were out in force this morning. (Confession: I’m going to cheat and post a second image at the bottom of this post because I’m that indecisive.)

Remember when I posted a month ago about the Sandhill Cranes and how I leave them alone when they’re nesting? Well I had another reminder yesterday.

As I was washing dishes last night after dinner, I watched a Sandhill Crane attack a Canadian Goose out in our front field. He flew in and landed on top of this unsuspecting goose; they literally tumbled, and the goose frantically struggled to fly away. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. They are extremely protective, so he must have a mate not far from there that is nesting.

So when that same crane was standing in the same spot this morning, this scaredy girl stayed within the safety of her car when taking pictures. 👍

Here was the other contender for today:


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