April 23rd

Sunday, April 3rd, 2017

Sorry I only have a phone photo today.

I’ve been really fighting myself on including phone images on my blog, but I’ve accepted it as a part of life. Sometimes my actual camera just doesn’t make it out, but again, that’s life.

Today was wonderful! My grandma and grandpa normally snowbird in Florida and come back to Minnesota for the summer. However, because my grandpa had to be placed in a memory care facility in florida (which is why Paul and I were down there a few weeks ago), my grandma has decided to stay down in Florida permanently. She came up to visit over Easter and our main project was cleaning out her house up here to get it ready to put it on the market.

She did a great job. Sorting through all of those memories and keepsakes in only a couple days was an enormous project, but she did it.

So when my dad mentioned that she needed some landscaping done, I volunteered. My mom was never a big gardener so growing up I never had much exposure to it; I’m only realizing now just how much I love flowers and plants. Paul and I tackled dividing our Tiger Lillies a couple weeks ago, and I loved it! So when I spoke with grandma and she wanted plants dug up and moved, I was excited.

I loaded up my car with landscape fabric and mulch, plugged in my headphones and cranked KTIS, and spent the afternoon moving and dividing plants. I browsed a local greenhouse and bought flowers for potted plants, and grabbed some planters. It was so relaxing! Can’t wait to go back once the plants have started to really grow and bloom!

For reference, here’s the before:


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