April 22nd

Saturday, April 22nd, 2017

The weather today was a picture-perfect spring day.

70, light breeze, and not a single cloud in the sky. All of the animals were feeling it. Walking out to the woods today to check the trail cam, the geese were honking, ducks chattering, red winged blackbirds (pictured) singing. Turkeys lurking.

You hear a lot of people say that the woods are quiet and tranquil, but in my experience, it’s one of the loudest, busiest places to be. If you stop, close your eyes, slow your breathing, and listen, the woods come to life.

You start to understand that the song birds set the tone for the woods. They are the first to sound the alarm that you, a predator, are there. The sounds die down. The animals hunker down, they stop moving. Then after a few minutes of your silence, the song birds begin to sing and the rest of the animals begin to move again. Everyone depends on one another. The dynamics of the woods are amazing; I love being a part of it.


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