April 17th

Monday, April 17th, 2017

You guys, Turkeys are too smart (and FAST!).

I have been doing the photography dance with this Jenny all week, and this is the best image I have. I was within fifteen feet of her and a Tom yesterday, but we were all in thick brush and I couldn’t get any images worth using. It was pretty stinking neat to be that close to them though. I was able to sit and watch them forage and listen to them chatter back and forth for about fifteen minutes before they moved on.

But today I slowly followed her into this clearing, and she humored me for about thirty seconds until she ducked into brush again. The rain we’ve been getting has made sneaking easier – the leaves are no longer crunchy – but she was in a spot where I knew she could see me. So I watched her casually walk to the other side of the brush and fly.

They come out at about the same time each day, so once the rain lets up I’ll be sitting out and waiting. They like strawberries, so I may be making a trip to the grocery store 😉

Hopefully she’ll pose for me before she nests.


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