April 16th

Sunday, April 16th, 2017

Happy Easter! He is Risen Indeed, and what marvelous news that is!

Paul and I are a part of the First Impressions team at Westbridge, so we greeted at church this morning. After we walked away from the service, we agreed that Easter just might be our favorite day to greet. The smiles and joyous attitudes were abound and it was an awesome thing to see. The excitement of Jesus’ resurrection was contagious, and everyone was there to celebrate.

So why is my image today of geese?

Valid question.  Right after church, Paul grabbed his bags, we loaded the car, and we worked our way down toward the airport. We stopped for a lovely lunch at Paul’s parents, and then onto drop off. When I made it back home, I went to the place that centers me: the barn.

Animals are amazing. I walked up to the fence, and watched the boys way out in the pasture. After a few moments they realized I was standing there, and eagerly ran up to where I was. Their nuzzles and warm breath does so much for my soul. I grabbed a blanket and sat out by our pasture pond, just enjoying their presence and the warmth of the day. Their rhythmic munching on grass and the geese honking was a welcome sound.

I know that a month isn’t a long time (we’ve done way longer), that Paul is going to thrive, and that this time alone will be a good time for me to really bear down on my business. I know that I will miss him, but FaceTime will make that easier. It’s change that really makes this difficult for me. Not only this training, but what comes after. Paul being based in Detroit, his schedule changing. Our life has just settled into a pattern, a routine, and we were comfortable. Change is not comfortable.

I sniffled my way through my devotional last night, as the message couldn’t have been more apt. “Trust Me, and don’t be afraid […] Your routines are not running smoothly. You tend to feel more secure when your life is predictable […] When you are shaken out of your comfortable routines, grip My hand tightly and look for growth opportunities. […] Accept the challenge of something new. Say yes to the ways I work in your life.”

Alright then. Yes.

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