April 14th

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Rainbow sprinkles!

I was put in charge of bringing dessert for Easter this Sunday. Perfect, I love baking, sign me up!

So off to Pinterest I go to find some fun Easter-themed desserts. I found a promising carrot cake cookie recipe for the adults, and chocolate dipped pretzel rods with rainbow sprinkles for the kids. Fun and easy right?

Wrong. Oh so wrong. There is a reason you’re seeing only the sprinkles and not the finished product. Pinterest fail.

Who knew melting chocolate would be so tricky? I mean good night. By the time I finally got the hang of it, I had run out of chips to melt. My problem I think lies in my inability to be patient. So now we all know – don’t put Courtney in charge of melting chocolate.

Paul and I did taste test them, and while they aren’t pretty by ANY means, they’re edible. So we’re going with it. The kids won’t care right? 😉

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